Hello Beautiful People! If your reading this....I am probably about to photograph your child or I have been photographing your child for the last 20 years! I am so blessed to be doing a job that I love so much. I believe children are so amazing. I love all of them! Different personalities, shapes, sizes, attitudes, moods.....even the pouts and the not so fond of me one-year old! I always say I would love to write a book....I have been doing this so long, that I can tell how a session is going to go.  Do I need to hang back and let them play with their friends or do I have to be a quick draw with the camera, because I only have maybe 5 seconds. I love the pouty babies at first and then they relax and I get the best smiles. Regardless of who your little person is....rest assured that I care just as much as you do at getting a real expression from your little tyke. Thank you so much for sharing your children with me for the last 20 years! 

The picture you see is my family. My husband and our 5 children. We married last year after being together for 10 years.....we wanted to make our mothers proud!  No Grand Babies yet....but 2 Grand Dogs and 2 Grand Cats.  Life is an amazing adventure:)


Cathy Sullivan